Culture Beats

In Schools

“Our students rarely are exposed to [First Nations programming] or any type of workshops and it is hugely important for their wellbeing and mental health.” – Aboriginal Education Primary School Teacher.

Culture Beats offers contemporary music and dance workshops led BY First Nations artists FOR First Nations young people. The program is delivered with support from Carclew’s Gig Rig, a purpose built all-terrain mobile media studio. The workshops support young people to increase their wellbeing, creative skills, and sense of connection to community and identity.

The program is designed in consultation with each school site, with ability to respond to the needs of the school and is delivered by a team of professional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creative facilitators.


Delivery Model  

Culture Beats is delivered as 1 full day or 2 half days for upper primary students aged 9-12. The cohort of young people are divided into two groups, with each group then completing two workshops, each on a different artform. The workshops conclude with a sharing and celebration of the outcomes from the day, which caregivers and school staff can be invited to attend.

Department for Education funded delivery prioritises Category 1-4 and regional/remote Department for Education primary schools. Please contact us for pricing information via or 08 8267 5111.