Nunga Days

In Schools

[My biggest takeaway from doing Nunga Days was] how important my culture is and how special things in my culture really are, and to always be proud of who you are and where you come from.” Nunga Days student participant.

Nunga Days engages the expertise of Aboriginal Elders, artists and cultural practitioners to teach and share artistic and cultural knowledge and experiences through creative workshops. The program initiates meaningful local connections, curiosity and a celebration of Aboriginal arts and culture for communities wanting to actively and authentically work towards key pillars of reconciliation – respect, relationships, and opportunities.

Delivery Model   

Duration: 1 Day 
Student Capacity: 50 
Years: R-6 
Artforms: A choice of two, Music |Dance |Visual Arts (Weaving) | Visual Arts (Carving)

Full Cost: $3,600.00 excl. GST 
Government Category 1 4 (subsidised at 80%):  $720.00 excl. GST 
Government Category 5 – 7 (subsidised at 15%): $3060.00 excl. GST

Further Information
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