Rapid Response Grants

For Artists / Funding

Announcing the successful grant recipients Carclew Awards $86,000 in grant funding.

The Rapid Response Grant was a once-off round of funding in responde to the immediate needs of young South Australian artists (individuals or groups) to continue their practice if their work was impacted by COVID-19 in 2020.

Young artists (aged 26 years and under) used this funding to re-design a project, deepen practice, or extend skills and knowledge. Our priority was artists who have had contracts, performances or tours cancelled, exhibitions postponed etc.

This Rapid Response Grant replaced the 2020 September round of Carclew’s Project & Development (individual) grants.

The Rapid Response Grant does supported:

  • Professional development or continuation of creative practice that has been adversely impacted
  • Participation in online/remote professional development eg. virtual mentorships
  • The purchase, hire or upgrade of technology and equipment
  • All relevant costs associated with proposed activity including living costs

Nathan May | Music, COVID-19 Recovery Project | $2,500

Purchase of equipment to enable writing and recording of new music including two songs in collaboration with other Aboriginal artists in language for release on streaming platforms. The grant will also support promotion of the artist’s music and merchandise for income generation during the COVID-19 period.

Paige Court (MANE) | Music, home studio | $2,500

Establishment of a home studio to enable skills development and music production from home both individually and via virtual correspondence with collaborators.

Lachlan Barnett | Theatre/Puppetry, Flora’s Fauna | $2,500

Commissioning of a custom puppet by respected Adelaide props maker, Marshall Tearle enabling skills development and creative development of a web series, Flora’s Fauna.

Josh Belperio | Musical Theatre, The Chronicles of the Bubonic | $2,500

The Chronicles of the Bubonic follows a hero’s journey during the rapidly unfolding and comically mismanaged Bubonic plague outbreak of the Middle Ages. Delivered as a podcast musical in a weekly sitcom format, this project will be practical to develop during current social distancing regulations.

Danielle Barrie | Visual Art, The Muse Project | $2,500

Bring forward conceptual development of a future project in place of usual income impacted by COVID-19. The Muse Project focuses on how, historically, women have been used by men as muses. This collection will focus on female needs, desires and traits. Final works will be exhibited online.

Elsy Wameyo | Music, home studio | $2,439

Establishment of a home studio to enable working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown, resulting in interactive live sessions, creation of musical content for online platforms, ongoing work on an EP project and an investment for an independent career.

Angelica Harris-Faull | Visual Art, home studio | $2,500

Establishment of a home studio to enable ongoing arts practice and development of new print artworks for rescheduled exhibitions for the Art Bus and Helen Mayo House, and to explore cross over into video artworks. The grant will also enable website development and connections with new audiences.

Andrew Casey | Music, Creation in Isolation | $1,658

Equipment purchase enabling high quality recording of original jazz hip-hop fusion compositions at home while unable to collaborate and play with others in a live setting due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Michal Hughes | Multi-artform, IsoLight Festival | $2,500

The IsoLight Festival will be a week long night time drive through festival of light and colour on the Main Street of Whyalla, inspired by traditional lantern festivals and the joy of drive by Christmas light spotting. The project grew out of the cancellation of the Unearth Festival due to COVID-19, and will include community participation through provision of materials and video lantern-making workshops for young people and families.

Olympia Antoniadis | Visual Art, painting | $2,500

Creation of three paintings through the genre of still life, Momento Mori, that encapsulate the pain, grief and uncertainty felt through current unprecedented times, offering messages of hope and beauty in life after death.

Kathryn Adams (AlleyKat Collective) | Physical Theatre/Puppetry, Nature In Isolation | $2,166

A two-week development of a site-specific work about rediscovering our sense of child-like play during an anxious time, using text, physical based devising and shadow puppetry to explore themes of loneliness, curiosity and anxiety.

Lucy Gale | Film, A Very Lockdown Birthday | $2,500

Purchase of materials and equipment towards the production of a short stop-motion animation that depicts the challenge of having a birthday during COVID-19, depicting the journey from big party dreams to compromise as restrictions increase.

Tala Kaalim | Visual Art, Stiff Viscosity | $2,500

Mentorship and studio space to create a new body of work for the “Generate” exhibition at the JamFactory (December 2020), whilst access to the JamFactory Associate program is suspended during COVID-19.

Mary Angley | Multi-artform, Grief Lightning | $2,440

Development of a queer, feminist solo performance to be presented online and/or in the 2021 Adelaide Fringe. Grief Lightning is a new satirical performance work that is part monologue, part concert, and part Powerpoint Presentation.

Isla Ward (G-NAT!ON) | Music, song-writing mentorship | $1,440

Mentorship in song-writing collaboration to develop skills, cultivate creativity and learn/expand on existing skills. Skills development will enable G-NATION artists to take agency in their careers and give a voice to young women and their lived experiences in contemporary society.

Dylan Phillips (Gravity and Other Myths) | Physical Theatre, Inevitable | $2,500

Development of a 2-person work including creative development, acrobatic choreography and performance outcome adapted to online formats during COVID-19 restrictions.

Zoe Gay | Dance/Physical Theatre, Existential Dread in 3/4 Time | $2,500

Development of a series of short one minute thematically linked filmic investigations into the performer-audience relationship, providing the opportunity to expand and develop artistic practice and reach a wider audience.

Banner image: Elsy Wameyo in silhouette singing on stage – Photo by Dave Court