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Artists in Schools - Creative Body-based Learning (AIS CBL)

Carclew has a CBL package ready for delivery in 2019 and beyond.

Creative Body-Based Learning (CBL) is an umbrella term for the use of artistic processes to deepen and enhance learning experiences across the curriculum, with artists and teachers working together in the classroom.

Research shows that when children use their whole body to learn in a creative and active way, there has been improved interest in learning, school attendance and student attitude resulting in better test outcomes and increased student resilience.

Teachers are also recognising their own professional development and learning through CBL, discovering new techniques to engage with students of all abilities.

Carclew’s CBL Foundation Program provides one artist working with teachers to explore using the arts to teach Maths throughout South Australia.

If you are interested in a CBL artist working in your school please contact:
Georgie Davill, Senior Manager, Arts Programs | |  08 8230 1112

Previous Programs

In 2017 CBL project utilised active and arts-based approaches to engage primary school students in learning the maths curriculum. In 2017 the program involved five professional artists working in eight schools engaging 750 young people in arts rich learning.

> Click here to listen to CBL artist Eliza Lovell's interview with Kinderling (kids radio station) about her work in the CBL program. 

The CBL Project is a partner project led by Carclew, University of South Australia, The Department of Education and Child Development and was initiated by the ART Committee.

If you or your organisation is interested in supporting arts-based approaches to engage primary school students in learning maths, we welcome you to get in touch to discuss further.
Lucy Markey, Senior Manager, Marketing & Development
Email, Phone 08 8230 1118 / 0411 106 257

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Contact Details

Georgie Davill
Senior Manager, Arts Programs
08 8230 1112