Carclew House is currently closed until further notice. Carclew staff are working from home and will conduct meetings via phone, email or online. Please refer to relevant pages on the Carclew website to determine the best contact for your enquiry, or email for general enquiries.

Like everyone in our vibrant but at-risk industry, Carclew is working quickly to manage the impact of COVID-19 on our programs, our participants and our artists. We work with dozens of valued partners to embed creativity in schools, communities and early careers. Our programs with children, young people and early career artists employ hundreds of artists and engage thousands of young South Australians. Their health and well-being, and that of their families and colleagues, and in particular, Elders and those with underlying health issues, are our greatest concern. We have put in place strict measures to minimise transmission of the virus.

Our concerns also lie with the many artists who rely on casual and short-term project work. We are scrutinising every project within our state-wide program to adjust delivery with this in mind, exploring alternative and virtual delivery options with artists in communities and schools.

Until further notice, many of Carclew programs have been postponed or adjusted. Please refer to relevant pages on the Carclew website for specific information or to identify key staff for each specific program.

As from Tuesday 17 March (until further notice) staff are working from home. This is intended to keep staff, their families and members of the wider community safe from illness and maintain Carclew House as a virus free workplace as our contribution to slowing virus transmission. All face-to-face meetings have been cancelled in favour of phone, email or online.

Carclew House is currently closed until further notice. Venue hire arrangements have been cancelled and no further venue bookings will be taken until further norice.



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