Carclew Fellowships offer financial support to emerging cultural and creative artists and arts workers aged 26 and under, for:

  • Arts career building
  • Skills development
  • Exploring new art form practice, methods and techniques
  • Research towards creative development

Areas of practice for the purpose of the Fellowship can include (but are not limited to) performing arts, visual arts, written word, digital platforms, arts administration & industry pathways, and community arts.

Carclew's 2022 Fellowship Recipients

Over $77,000 offered to 11 emerging creatives for bespoke programs of significant professional development as part of Carclew's 2022 Fellowship Program.
Read the media release here.

Visual artist and filmmaker Jaru West, will receive $10,000 to complete the first draft of his graphic novel, and develop artwork for skateboards and merchandise.

Samuel Wannan will receive $3,000 to connect with others who share his disability and develop work focusing on non-verbal storytelling.

Hieu Tran will receive $10,000. He is a visual artist and electronic gaming programmerwhowill undertake a mentorship with former DreamWorks Arts instructor Mo Kim, to develop his technical and creative problem-solving skills, and establish a business as a working artist.

Bailey Donovan will receive $8,530 to develop his skills and career as a glass artist through participation in the Jam Factory Glass Associate Program.

Katherine Sortini will receive $5,615. She is a local theatre-maker, actor, writer and founder of Deus Ex Femina, who will undertake a mentorship with local award-winning playwright and actor Emily Steel.

Manuela Akot will receive $7,456 for a spoken word and poetry mentorship with Caroline Reid.

Samuel Matthewman will receive $7,000 to build on his sculptural ceramic practice by exploring the addition of a performative acrobatic activation with physical theatre artist, Jascha Boyce.

Paige Glancey will receive $3,000 to develop a script through a mentorship with Tamara Hardman, participation in Mercury CX’s Springboard Plus program and AFTRS screenwriting course.

Alexandra Grave will receive $10,000 to study a Master of Music (Vocal & Opera Performance) at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK.

Chelsea Griffith will receive $8,849 to develop an abridged script of Uncle Vanya and production concept, with Nescha Jelk and Chris Pitman.

Caspar Hawksley will receive $3,800 to explore acoustically complex environments, with mentor Jesse Budel.

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Below you can watch clips of Carclew alumni Madeleine Parry, Nelson Hedditch and Dan Daw talking about how Carclew funding helped kickstart their careers.