Artists in Schools – Creative Based Learning

For Schools

Research shows that when children use their whole body to learn in a creative and active way, there is improved interest in learning, school attendance and student attitude, resulting in better learning outcomes and increased student resilience.

Creative Based Learning (CBL) is a professional development program for primary school teachers designed to integrate arts-based instruction to enhance student learning across the Australian Curriculum. Inspired by Drama-based Pedagogy (Dawson, 2018) CBL provides alternative teaching strategies to increase student engagement and to develop critical and creative thinking.

Carclew’s CBL Foundation Program introduces a teaching artist to work with classroom teachers to utilise the arts to teach Maths. Collaboration between the experienced teaching artist and classroom teacher builds teacher confidence and capacity to explore arts based strategies.

History of CBL

CBL utilises active and arts-based approaches to engage primary school students in learning the maths curriculum. Since 2015, the CBL program has involved 9 professional teaching artists working in 19 schools with 52 teachers and engaging 750 young people.

The CBL Project is a partner project led by Carclew, University of South Australia, The Department of Education and Child Development and was initiated by the ART Committee.

Banner image: Students from The Pines Primary School play with string during a CBL exercise – Photo by Braw Media