Image: Artist Sonya Smith with St. Joseph’s School students Photo: Orana Studios

Aboriginal Artists in Schools – Teaching through creation stories

2018 RUBY AWARD, Best Work, Event or Project for Young People

A community and cultural development project which aims to establish longer-term and sustainable connections between Aboriginal artists, cultural practitioners and local schools.

Aboriginal Artists in Schools – teaching through creation stories employs expertise of local Aboriginal artists and cultural practitioners to work in collaboration with teachers, addressing the opportunities and challenges presented by the cross curriculum area in the Australian Curriculum: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. The program provides rich professional development for teachers and authentic learning outcomes for students through a sustainable artist in residence model.

The project is based on the award winning pilot project Ngarrindjeri Yanun, a long- term partnership project between Catholic Education SA and Carclew that employed six artists and Elders teaching creation stories through a multi arts program at St Joseph’s Primary school in Murray Bridge..

Watch the video linked here. or in the frame below.

The results of the pilot project have been outstanding. Carclew is currently developing a modular model of the program that can be delivered at a number of levels of engagement for South Australian schools.


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Beth Ashley-Ward, Manager – Arts Programs


If you or your organisation is interested in supporting meaningful school learning environments for Aboriginal art, histories and culture, we welcome you to get in touch to discuss further.
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