Come Out at Carclew

Carclew presents three events as part of the 2015 Come Out Children's Festival.

Subjects Matter: Portraits by Kids
23 May | 10am - 5pm
Zone H Rundle Mall
Subjects Matter was a visual arts project for children aged 9 - 12 years to experiment with portrait techniques under the guidance of three professional artists. Now you can join a live sitting and have your portrait created by one of these talented artist. A curated selection of portraits and studies will be exhibited at Carclew from 12 June - 17 July.
FREE | All Ages
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Pom Pom: Contemporary Art Space for Children
23 and 30 May | 11am - 3pm
Davoren Park Shopping Centre, 45 Peachey Road, Davoren Park
Pom Pom Children's Contemporary Art Space provides hands-on creative experiences delivered by leading artists. Pom Pom supports an art-making process between children, their families and carers, while offering children enchanting contemporary arts experiences. Join Heidi Kenyon (a former Carclew scholarship recipient) and emerging artist Ella James at Pom Pom during Come Out Children's Festival.
FREE | Children aged 12 and under
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Now I can Draw the White Gazebo!
22 - 30 May | 10am - 3pm daily
Space Theatre Foyer, Adelaide Festival Centre
See Adelaide through the eyes of four-year-olds in the interactive display of artwork and photography. Now I can Draw the White Gazebo! is an exhibition and portal to a map of the city of Adelaide created by children from Adelaide preschools.
FREE | All Ages
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