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2018 Autumn School Holiday Workshops

All workshops located at Carclew, 11 Jeffcott St, Kaurna Country, North Adelaide

Carclew's school holiday workshop program offers full day and half-day creative activities for kids aged 5 - 17 years in our stunning North Adelaide venue.

Our team of professional artists present a broad range of inspiring, hands-on experiences that will nurture your child's inner-artist and allow them to try out new experiences and make new friends.


Monday 16 April

2 in 1: book both workshops for a full day or a single workshop for a half day

COLLAGE IN 3D  | Ages: 5 – 12

Making use of recycled materials and aerosol painting techniques, work with artist Min Wong to explore colour, shape and composition of your own foam block collage. This workshop will extend your observation skills and challenge you to think about balancing materials and texture when creating sculptures.

Artist: Min Wong


Examine and interact with the space and objects around you to discover the beauty in overlooked details of the everyday. Create an experimental contemporary art sculpture that will be a window to seeing Carclew through new eyes!

Artist: Alise Hardy

Tuesday 17 April
2 in 1: book both workshops for a full day or a single workshop for a half day

PAPER MOUNTAINS | Ages: 5 – 12

Tall, small, round or peaked. If your thoughts, dreams and feelings were a mountain, what shape would they take? How high would they reach? Come along and learn paper techniques to bring the two dimensional into the third. Take home your own wearable or sculpted mountainous range, complete with all of the little creatures and growths that live there.

Artist: Nancy Downes

WEAR YOU FROM | Ages: 5 – 12

Fashion design using papercraft and collage. Use atlas pages to create identities of style and place. An Adelaide shirt or New York onesie. Create personal collage portraits and original works with paper. 

Artist: Laura Wills
Wednesday 18 April 

Book a workshop for a full day

MIRROR MIRROR |  Ages: 7 - 12

Treat yourself to a “me” day drawing and painting your self- portrait. Explore your facial features, expressions,  profile and silhouette using mixed media including pencil, pastel, paint, paper cutouts and mirrors.

Artist: Amanda Sefton Hogg

BLOCK OUT PRINTING | Ages: 12 - 17

Carve out an image on a foam based block to create a bold and bright Andy Warhol inspired poster. Using the printing press to print multiple colours using repetitive patterns. Get an insight into art history in a fun and tactical way.

Artist: Kerri Wright

Thursday 19 April  

Book a workshop for a full day

SPOKEN WORD  | Ages: 7 - 12 

Everyone has a story to tell and in this workshop you will look at different ways that you can tell yours! Draw inspiration from the sublime to the mundane and everything in between, whilst gaining confidence in public speaking and performance. Once you have developed your poem, you will have an opportunity to perform, just like at an open mic.

Artist: Manal Younus

CANS: Aerosol Art  |  Ages: 12 - 17

Get the aerosol paints out and develop your skills on a large-scale collaborative work and a smaller individual work that you can take home!

Artist: Nish Cash

Friday 20 April 

Book a workshop for a full day


Lost and found. Light and shadows. This workshop will let you explore the ancient art of shadow puppetry to make stories come to life! Use mixed media to create basic shadow puppets then experiment with lighting, sound and props to make the shadows come to life!

Artist: Tatiana Arellano

CLAY CRITTERS | Ages: 12 -17

Connect with and draw inspiration from the weird and wonderful shapes, colours and textures created by nature to inspire your very own clay critters.  Does it come from the depths of the ocean or grow on trees? Explore ceramic techniques such as slip casting, coiling, inlay, sprigging and sgraffito. Poke the wild spaces of your imagination to see what emerges from the clay in your hands.

Artist: Marijana Dobson

Monday 23 April

Book a workshop for a full day or a book 1 or 2 days of wizarding!


Turn a photograph into a digital painting and explore the things that make you unique. Learn Photoshop techniques to create a painterly self-portrait from a photograph and explore your identity by creating a collaged background of your favourite things.

Artist: Mia van den Bos

Monday 23 & Tuesday 24 April

Book a 2 day wizarding workshop


If you solemnly swear you're up to no good, come spend a few days at Carclew as it turns into a School for Witches and Wizards these school holidays! Be spellbound by making our own wands, creating our own house crest banners, banish our own boggarts and much, much more. Mischief managed!

Artist: Ruby Chew

Tuesday 24 April 

Book a workshop for a full day or a book 1 or 2 days of wizarding!

TACTILE TEXTILES |  Ages: 7 - 12

If you have a crazy hat or hair day coming up, or just want to make some weird and wonderful head gear to wear around the house, this workshop is for you. We will be using various techniques and materials such as textiles, beads, yarn, sequins to create some amazing art work for your head.

Artist: Evy Moschakis

 Thursday 26 & Friday 27 April

Book a 2 day short film workshop

ATTRACTOR - iPAD SHORT FILM  | Ages: 12 - 17

‘Attractor’ is about drawing the eye to what we want the audience to see, how to tell a story in a way that is unique to you. Close-up!  Wide shot!  What do you want to show?  Combining intuition and technical skills, ‘Attractor’ will cover essential story-telling theory and apply these techniques in practical activities, from conception to finished product. Participants will create their own short digital movie that they can take home with them. NOTE: iPads required, BYO or $10 hire

Artist: Gilbert Kemp Attrill


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Full day workshops | $85 / $65 conc | 9am - 5pm

Half day workshops | $55 / $45 conc

Morning session 9am-12:45pm

Afternoon session 1:30-5pm

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Disclaimer: At time of scheduling, all workshop information is true and accurate. Whilst every effort is undertaken to ensure the integrity of this program, Carclew cannot be held responsible for changes beyond our control that may occur. If a workshop is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be offered an alternative option or refund.

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