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Winter School Holiday Workshops

11-22 July | 9am-5pm weekdays
Full day workshops are $85 / $65 concession
Half day workshops are $55 / $37 concession
All workshops located at Carclew, 11 Jeffcott St North Adelaide

Carclew's school holiday workshop program offers full day and half day creative activities for kids aged 5 - 17 years in our stunning North Adelaide venue.

Our team of professional artists present a broad range of inspiring, hands-on experiences that will nurture your child's inner-artist and allow them to try out new experiences and make new friends.

Our Winter program includes a whole new bunch of workshop topics which will entertain Explore Arts veterans and those trying for the first time, including BREAKDANCE BASICS and CIRCUS 101, THE NEW VAN GOGH and STATEMENT PORTRAITS, MEXICAN ART and MONSTER MAKEUP MAYHEM, DOT PAINTING and ZINES, ANIMATION and THE WHIRLYGIG! What the hell is a WHIRLYGIG we hear you say?! Sign the kids up and find out!

This season we’re trying something a little different to cater for those who can’t make our full day workshops. You will now have the option to half day sessions on Wednesdays morning or afternoon sessions).

Also for those Explore Arts fanatics we will be offering a 10% discount if you book 5 or more full priced workshops. To claim this discount you will need to select your workshops and call Carclew reception on 8267 5111 to finalise your booking and process payment. Reception is open Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm. 

Please note that the Carclew online booking system is designed to work best in Chrome, Firefox, Safari 5+ and Internet Explorer 8+.


Whether you were able to sneak into the sold out Animation workshops or you narrowly missed out, in term 3 2016, Carclew will be introducing an 8-week Animation course for kids aged 7-17 years, in association with GooRoo Animation. Click here for more details. 



DOT PAINTING | Artist: Nikki Carabetta 

Dot paintings date back 40 000 years, and were popularised by the Papunya art movement of the 1970’s, to become an important part of Australian Aboriginal Art. Learn about 3 different styles of Aboriginal art - dotting, raak/rakk and x-ray art - before designing your own dot painting. Use your new found knowledge to create a beautiful painting on canvas, or a boomerang.

FEELINGS ON PAPER | Artist: Alise Hardy

Visual art is a form of expression, but interestingly, it can be difficult to visually represent your feelings. This workshop will allow you to explore different drawing techniques and styles conducive to drawing your feelings. You will use coloured oil pastels to create vividly expressive drawn pieces, while exploring conceptual, symbolic, traditional and collaborative ways of working.

BREAKDANCE BASICS | Artist: Melissa Hall

Learn how to break it down with Melissa Hall (aka Bgirl Melski) in this energetic and active breakdance workshop. Find out what it takes to break, including top rocks, drops, footwork and freezes. Once you have mastered the basics, work together in groups to create a sequence and then battle it out crew vs crew.

When: Monday 11 July, 9am - 5pm
Ages:  5 - 12


ZINES | Artist: Georgina Chadderton [SOLD OUT]

Ever wanted to publish your own comic? Well you can, with ZINES! Learn different ways to fold, staple, cut, paste, write, draw, create and print your very own zine with comics artist Georgina Chadderton. She will take you through the process step-by-step so that by the end of the workshop you can make copies and trade with all your new zines pals!

When: Tuesday 12 July, 9am - 5pm
Ages:  10 - 17



THE NEW VAN GOGH | Artist: Nicola Semmens

Dive into the colourful and vibrant world of Van Gogh! Gain an understanding of the history of impressionism and how Van Gogh created his famous impressionist paintings. Once you’ve gained an understanding of the basics, you will recreate some of his famous works using various drawing and painting techniques.

PUPPET MAKERS | Artist: Susie Boeselt

In this puppetry workshop participants will be encouraged to explore their artistic boundaries and work to their individual skill level to create a puppet of their imagining. Using the techniques of hand and rod puppetry, attendees will be guided through the process of making a puppet from design to completion. Each participant will leave the workshop with their very own unique puppet.

When: Wednesday 13 July, 9am - 5pm
Ages:  5 - 12

Available in the following time slots:

FULL DAY: The New Van Gogh & Puppet Makers (9am - 5pm)
HALF DAY: The New Van Gogh (9am - 12:45pm) or (1:30pm - 5pm)
HALF DAY: Puppet Makers (9am - 12:45pm) or (1:30pm - 5pm) 


CIRCUS 101 | Artist: Jess Pierce

How would you like to run away with the circus for a day? Create your own tools of the trade in this fun and active circus workshop. Learn how to use a variety of circus equipment with confidence, such as juggling, plate spinning, diablos, scarfs, rings, hooping, acro, and rolling and spinning around. Join in the fun and perform you’re new skills and tricks at the end of the workshop.

When: Thursday 14 July, 9am - 5pm
Ages:  7 - 12


INTRODUCTION TO ANIMATION | Artist: GooRoo Animations 

Create your very own animated movies with the guidance of the GooRoo Animation guys. Learn about the different types of animation and get a behind the scenes glimpse of what goes into producing animation on a professional level. You will get to experiment with two different styles of animation – Claymation and Flipbooks. Make your very own plasticine character and bring them to life using the Stop Motion Studio App for mobile phones. Then give your drawing skills a go and create a digitized flipbook. At the end of the day, enjoy a screening of all the newly created animated movies.

When: Thursday 14 July, 9am - 5pm [SOLD OUT]
Ages:  10 - 17


When: Friday 15 July, 9am - 5pm [SOLD OUT]
Ages:  7 - 12


STATEMENT PORTRAITS | Artist: Meaghan Coles

Let artist Meaghan Coles guide you through a contemporary and abstract take on portraits. Learn how to use various mediums to create bold portraits that make a statement. Build up layers using mixed media techniques, including spray paint and acrylic. Using colour and expression, your portraits will be unique and bold. At the end of the workshop take your artworks home for all to see.

When: Friday 15 July, 9am - 5pm
Ages:  10 - 17


When: Tuesday 19 July, 9am - 5pm
Ages:  7 - 12


MAKE IT MOVE – THE WHIRLYGIG | Artists: Susie Boeselt and Sylvia Nevistic

The ‘whirlygig’ brings motion to artwork as it utilises the wind to drive simple crank mechanisms. Applying imagination to upcycled materials and the power of the wind, participants will bring their ideas to life to make their own individual whirling art object. Participants will be guided through the process of constructing a fan driven mechanism, and given the tuition to apply their own creativity to a kinetic art work. It’s art that is accidentally science too!

When: Monday 18 July, 9am - 5pm 
Ages:  7 - 12


STATEMENT PORTRAITS | Artist: Meaghan Coles

(See Friday 15 July above)

When: Tuesday 19 July, 9am - 5pm 
Ages:  7 - 12



MOVING CHARACTERS | Artist: Grace Mitchell

Learn how to transform paper into articulated characters in this 'dynamic story-telling' workshop. You will learn some basic paper-engineering skills as you create a character of your own imagining; next, you will learn how to make beautiful paper-cut backgrounds for your character to interact with, resulting in characters and story-sets that can interact in dynamic and evolving ways.


Create and discover the world’s newest critter with the guidance of artist James Parker. This workshop will take you through a variety of different skills, techniques and materials such as wire, cut, glue, paint, bolt, screw, tie and knot together. With your new skills you will make your very own critter, and then build up a camouflage environment around them. You’ll leave the workshop with a not-so flat pack diorama of your critter in hiding.

When: Wednesday 20 July, 9am - 5pm
Ages:  5 - 12

Available in the following time slots:

FULL DAY: Moving Characters & Collage Camouflage and Critters (9am - 5pm)
HALF DAY: Moving Characters (9am - 12:45pm) or (1:30pm - 5pm)
HALF DAY: Collage Camouflage and Critters (9am - 12:45pm) or (1:30pm - 5pm) 


MEXICAN ART | Artist: Annette Zalkauskas

Mexico and South America is rich in vibrancy, culture and art. Learn about the art of the Huichol Indians of Mexico, and create a variety of traditional crafts in a contemporary way. Using wool and weaving techniques you will make an Ojo de Dios (god’s eye), a Neirika wool painting and a wishing doll. Then look into the one of Mexico’s greatest painters, Frida Kahlo, and use her techniques to draw a self-portrait that expresses what is important to you.

When: Thursday 21 July, 9am - 5pm
Ages:  7 - 12



Turn the normal into the surreal through the use of theatre and movie makeup. Artist Pip Strachan will take you through some examples of the uses of character makeup, like zombie effects and fake wounds. Then learn how to transform your face into a whole other creature using makeup, face paint and materials you can find in your own home. Become a character of your own creation. Each participant will have their creation photographed to take home.

When: Friday 22 July, 9am - 5pm
Ages:  10 - 17


Please note that the Carclew online booking system is designed to work best in Chrome, Firefox, Safari 5+ and Internet Explorer 8+.

Disclaimer: At time of scheduling, all workshop information is true and accurate. Whilst every effort is undertaken to ensure the integrity of this program, Carclew cannot be held responsible for changes beyond our control that may occur. If a workshop is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be offered an alternative option or refund.

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